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SubjectRE: [PATCH] EXTCON: Get and set cable properties
> > Could you please review this. This is a follow up patch for "PATCH]
> > extcon : callback function to read cable property"
> While I see nothing wrong with the patch itself, I beg you to send some users
> for the new calls. Don't be obsessed with the extcon internals too much,
> think more about how things will interact (i.e. I really really want to see how
> you use these calls from the power supply drivers).

The usage of extcon cable property is captured in patch
This patch uses a extcon_dev callback function get_cable_properties() to get the
cable properties. As discussed in the previous mail thread, it may not be good to have a extcon call
back function since the extcon provider may not be aware of the cable properties. This patch replaces
the callback function with an API, so that whoever knows the cable property, can set the property
using the extcon API extcon_cable_set_data().

The usage flow would be
1)Consumer gets a notification from the extcon
2)consumer reads the property using the API extcon_cable_get_data

This way it doesn't mandatory for the extcon provider to give the cable property.
Anyone who is aware of the cable property can set the cable property using the API.
It makes the consumer and provider implementations very simple.

With this new API, the callback function in patch can be
replaced by the API extcon_cable_set_data().
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