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SubjectRe: Request for tree inclusion
2012/12/2 Stephen Rothwell <>:
> Well, these are a bit late (I expected Linus to release v3.7 today), but
> since Ingo has not piped in over the weekend, I have added them from today
> after the tip tree merge.

Yeah sorry to submit that so late. Those branches are in pending pull
requests to the -tip tree and I thought about relying on the
propagation of -tip into -next as usual. But Ingo has been very busy
with numa related work during this cycle. So until these branches get
merged in -tip, I'm short-circuiting a bit the -next step before it
becomes too late for the next merge window.

> I have called them fw-cputime, fs-sched and fw-nohz respectively and
> listed you as the only contact in case of problems.


> If these are to be
> long term trees included in linux-next, I would prefer that you use
> better branch names - otherwise, if they are just short term, please tell
> me to remove them when they are finished with.

They are definitely short term. I'll tell you once these can be dropped.

Thanks a lot!

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