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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4 RESEND] iio: Add Usage IDs for HID time sensors.
Am 15.12.2012 12:06, schrieb Jonathan Cameron:
> On 12/11/2012 06:21 PM, Alexander Holler wrote:
>> These are Usage IDs for the attributes year, month, day,
>> hour, minute and second, needed to read HID time sensors.
>> Signed-off-by: Alexander Holler <>
> This has gotten very messy to follow. Could you resend the

I aggree. The workflow (ping-pong until a patch is almost perfect,
without typos and style glitches and makes the maintainers eyes happy)
is horrible and requires quite a lot goodwill and patience on every
side. Not the stuff people like to do on a voluntarily basis.

So thanks to everyone who still follows.

The whole series (now 5 patches) follows. I mark all of them as RESEND
to indicate that no changes were done since I've send them the last time.

> patches (without the first) with Jiri cc'd as well
> (as some of this is in his domain as HID maintainer).

Sorry, almost the whole series (5-1 = 4) follows. ;)

> Given this makes quite a few changes in IIO drivers I'm happy
> to take the lot through the IIO tree but to do that I would
> like a go ahead from Jiri + either Andrew or Alessandro
> (for rtc side of things).

Thanks again.


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