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SubjectRE: [PATCH] EXTCON: Get and set cable properties

Could you please have a look at my comments below?


> > While I see nothing wrong with the patch itself, I beg you to send
> > some users for the new calls. Don't be obsessed with the extcon
> > internals too much, think more about how things will interact (i.e. I
> > really really want to see how you use these calls from the power supply
> drivers).
> The usage of extcon cable property is captured in patch
> This patch uses a extcon_dev callback function get_cable_properties() to get
> the cable properties. As discussed in the previous mail thread, it may not be
> good to have a extcon call back function since the extcon provider may not
> be aware of the cable properties. This patch replaces the callback function
> with an API, so that whoever knows the cable property, can set the property
> using the extcon API extcon_cable_set_data().
> The usage flow would be
> 1)Consumer gets a notification from the extcon 2)consumer reads the
> property using the API extcon_cable_get_data
> This way it doesn't mandatory for the extcon provider to give the cable
> property.
> Anyone who is aware of the cable property can set the cable property using
> the API.
> It makes the consumer and provider implementations very simple.
> With this new API, the callback function in patch
> can be replaced by the API
> extcon_cable_set_data().
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