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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3 2/3] dmaengine: dw_dmac: Enhance device tree support
On Wed, 2012-12-12 at 08:30 +0530, Viresh Kumar wrote: 
> > * It requires slave drivers to know that they are using the dw_dmac
> > driver and pass a pointer to dw_generic_filter, which is not
> > generic at all
> >
> > * It requires the dmac node to have information about all slaves
> >
> > There are also some minor issues, such as the naming of DT
> > properties, but the above need to be resolved first.
> I saw the binding document and it looks it can be applied to dw_dmac
> too, as there is nothing special for it.
> The question is how? We are already late for merge window and this
> one is queued. Supplying a new patch, getting it reviewed/tested and
> being pulled by Linus is not so easy :)
> Two ways:
> - Keep it as is, and i will fix it separately and quickly
> - Drop it :(
Will we survive if the patch is in mainline? I mean how big the impact
of it is?

Andy Shevchenko <>
Intel Finland Oy

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