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SubjectRe: "attempt to access beyond end of device" on DVD
On 12/12/12, Bruno Prémont <> wrote:
> On Wed, 12 December 2012 Jacek Poplawski <> wrote:
>> OK, I was wrong previously.
>> I don't need to reload sr_mod, I only need to remount DVD.
>> The reason I was wrong is I was suspecting that DVD remounts itself
>> after eject, but looks like it doesn't. Also it means that the problem
>> is different than 3 years ago, because I am sure I was remounting DVD
>> by hand and now I use some automount feature of Arch Linux / GNOME3.
> What kind of filesystem do you have on your CD/DVDs?

I backup files with k3b with default settings, so it is iso9660.

However I don't fully understand how this automount works, I am afraid
this problem it may be related to this mechanism. When I insert first
DVD it's mounted and when I remove DVD and put another one it's still
mounted as before, so maybe driver is confused and still thinks the
size of the DVD is like the first one.
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