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Subject[GIT PULL 0/5] ARM: arm-soc: First batch of updates for 3.8
Hi Linus,

Here is the first set of pull requests for arm-soc for this merge window.

Unfortunately we seem to have quite a few of little nagging merge conflicts for
this release. There's been some bugfixes upstream that conflicted with cleanups
and refactorings, and there's been a lot of header file moves that resulted in
include-section conflicts.

I've documented my proposed resolution in each pull request, and as usual
I have also pushed up my resulting merge as <branch>-resolved, in case you want
to diff.

There's only one gotcha that I am aware of, and that is for the 'cleanup'
branch, where a build break will be introduced if you don't fixup a
function name rename/conflict that isn't detected by git since the new
code was added with the old name in one of the branches. Not a big deal
if you miss it, we'll submit a patch to fix it up in that case.

I've got more to come, but wanted to break it up in a couple of batches. More
details in each pull request.



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