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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3 v2] iio: add rtc-driver for HID sensors of type time
On 11/12/12 12:39, Alexander Holler wrote:
> Am 11.12.2012 10:40, schrieb Lars-Peter Clausen:
>>> Yes, move the header or merge into existing one as makes sense.
>>> I'm not pulling this driver into the IIO tree (unless for some
>>> reason Alessandro wants me to and I can't think why he would...).
>> Alessandro has been pretty quiet for quite some time now. Luckily Andrew
>> Morton usually picks up the stuff for orphaned subsystems. So put him
>> on Cc
>> for v4.
> Will do it. Thanks a lot for your review.
> I willl post the whole series (4 patches including the merge of
> hid-sensor-attributes.h) again, when I've finished v3 of the driver
> (hopefully this evening), marking some patches as RESEND. So 3 out of
> those 4 patches will be for iio (as hid-sensor-hub is part of it), and
> the last one, the rtc driver itself, will be for the rtc subsystem. I
> don't know if they have to be pulled by different maintainers. ;)
> Regards,
> Alexander
We'll see what Andrew says. We can take the lot through IIO
(doubt Greg will mind) as long as we have the correct acks to do so
(or at least statements of not caring ;)

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