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SubjectRe: [RFC GIT PULL] scheduler fix for autogroups

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> You are not missing anything. That flag is my fault not
> Mike's: I booted the initial version of that patch but was
> unsure whether autogroups was enabled - it's a pretty
> transparent feature. So I figured that having that flag (but
> readonly) would give us this information definitely.

The other reason was that the original version of the patch also
added a boot parameter - to enable/disable autogroups from the
boot command line. With *that* configuration twist it made sense
to present this information somewhere in /proc as well.

But then we got rid of the boot parameter to simplify the patch
- which further reduced the sense of the
/proc/sys/kernel/sched_autogroup_enabled flag - which now can
only ever be 1.



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