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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] 3.6.5-rt14
On Sat, 03 Nov 2012 20:04:58 +0100, Ove Karlsen said:

> And have you given consideration to the fact that most distros and OS
> grow with some levels of bloat, and everyone can`t be an expert, so
> maybe one shold consider a (scheduler) queue for "bloat", and one queue
> for main app, so that even bloated distros can run with the jitteramount
> of a highly specialized distro? (for instance
> mainapp,service1,mainapp,service2,mainapp,service3), if bloat is on
> queue 2. Or is thins kind of thinking already in batch, or idle?

So how does the kernel know which one is your "main app", and which one is
"bloat"? Hint - you can't base it on "the main app is the one using OpenGL" or
similar rule, as there may be multiple processes doing that, and you may
consider one of them to be bloat - and *I* might consider that one to be the
*important* one. Or even your definition may change around during the day - if
you're running Doom3, an OpenGL-capable window manager is probably "bloat", but
once you exit Doom3 and start working with multiple windows again, suddenly
you're going to want that window manager to be the "important" process again...

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