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SubjectRe: [RFC] Second attempt at kernel secure boot support
* James Bottomley:

> Right, but what I'm telling you is that by deciding to allow automatic
> first boot, you're causing the windows attack vector problem. You could
> easily do a present user test only on first boot which would eliminate
> it.

Apparently, the warning will look like this:

WARNING: This Binary is unsigned

Are you sure you wish to run an unsigned binary
in a secure environment?

To avoid this question in future place the platform into setup mode
And reboot.

I'm not convinced this will work because users will confirm their
presence to get back into the system. We expect GNU/Linux users to do
it, why wouldn't Windows users? (And what harm can an unsigned binary
do to a "secure environment", anyway? If it's adversely affected, it
can't be that secure, can it?)

And what's the backup plan if users use this to boot into compromised
Windows systems?

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