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SubjectRe: [PATCH] wireless: iwlwifi - add dma_mapping_error() checks to avoid warnings
On Mon, 2012-11-05 at 09:26 -0700, Shuah Khan wrote:

> > Thanks for the report. Since I think doing BUG_ON() in such a scenario
> > is a really bad idea, I've applied a different patch with your
> > Reported-by.
> Yeah. I wasn't sure about BUS() either. Did you notice the other cases
> of BUG_ON() in this path in iwl_rx_allocate()? I would think those need
> fixing as well.
> rxb->page_dma =
> dma_map_page(trans->dev, page, 0,
> trans_pcie->rx_page_order,
> /* dma address must be no more than 36 bits */
> BUG_ON(rxb->page_dma & ~DMA_BIT_MASK(36));
> /* and also 256 byte aligned! */
> BUG_ON(rxb->page_dma & DMA_BIT_MASK(8));

Well, yes, we could convert them, but we can leave them as they are
because these are assertions that the DMA mapping API guarantees. If
this breaks, it's a bug in the DMA mapping code.

In contrast, if it fails to map, it's not a bug in the code, it's just
running out of memory or IO space or whatever.

> Could you please send me commitID for the patch you did. I am interested
> in seeing the failure handling in your patch?

It's here:;a=commit;h=7c34158231b2eda8dcbd297be2bb1559e69cb433


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