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SubjectRe: BUG: enabling psacct breaks fsfreeze
Il 02/11/2012 11:40, Nikola Ciprich ha scritto:
>> I saw this behavior (task-hang) when I tested the fsfreeze code. I was
>> writing a little patch to replace fsfreeze's wait queue with a killable
>> queue, in this way the user can do at least "kill -9", but since the
>> behavior was the same before your patch I didn't send it. I don't know if we
>> can break any previous behavior. The funny thing here is that it's like if
>> fsfreeze freezes itself :)
> I think freezing all tasks ain't that bad, my problem is it's not possible to
> start fsfreeze -u to thaw filesystem..

Yes, of course. It was only a general comment.


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