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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] rtc: pxa: request rtc irqs when probe/remove the device
Chao Xie <> writes:

> The original pxa_rtc_open/pxa_rtc_release will be called
> when the /dev/rtc0 is opened or closed.
> In fact, these two functions will register/unregister the irqs.
> User application will use /dev/rtc0 to read the rtc time or set
> the alarm. The rtc should still run indepent of open/close the
> rtc device.
> So only register the irqs when probe the device,
> and disable clock and unregister the irqs when remove the device.
No, as Russell I think that's not correct.

This is not how RTC API should be used. And on top of RTC API considerations,
consider this : today, rtc-pxa and rtc-sa1100 _can_ coexist on a PXA platform,
and be used alternatively (I know, it's a bit borderline because of IO space,
but anyway it does work). How will that be possible with your patch ?



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