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Subject[PATCH V2 0/3] thermal: Add support for interrupt based notification to thermal layer
Changes since V1: Used the new thermal trend type macro

The patch submitted by Jonghwa Lee (
adds support for interrupt based notification to thermal layer. This is a good
feature but the current code need more fixes to support that feature so using 2 new thermal
trend type to implement this feature and some falling interrupt fixes.

All these patches are based on thermal maintainer thermal branch.
git:// thermal

Amit Daniel Kachhap (2):
thermal: exynos: Miscellaneous fixes to support falling threshold
thermal: exynos: Use the new thermal trend type for quick cooling

Jonghwa Lee (1):
Thermal: exynos: Add support for temperature falling interrupt.

drivers/thermal/exynos_thermal.c | 108 +++++++++++++++-----------
include/linux/platform_data/exynos_thermal.h | 3 +
2 files changed, 67 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

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