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SubjectRe: [ACPIHP PATCH part1 0/4] introduce a framework for ACPI based system device hotplug
> But for the ACPI part for CPU and memory hotplug enhancements recently posted to
> the community, I think they are different solutions with the new framework. I feel
> they are lightweight enhancements to existing code with some limitations, but the
> new framework is a heavyweight solution with full functionalities and improved
> usability. So we may need discussions about the different solutions here:)

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for working on the framework enhancement. I am still new to
Linux (and learning :), but have extensive background in hot-plug
features on other OS for CPU, Memory, Node, RP and PCI hot-plug support.
So, I basically agree with you that we do need framework enhancement.
However, I think we need phased approach here. First, we need to make
CPU and Memory hot-plug work under the current framework. Once we
settle on the basic features, we can then make framework enhancements
without breaking the features. For CPU hotplug, I also intentionally
minimized the code changes so that the changes could be back-ported to
older kernels being used by distributions.

I will send you more comments after I reviewed your patches (which may
take some time :).


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