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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 0/4] Paravirtual spinlocks

* Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:

> My experiments show that using a Xen-specific lock helps guest
> performance a bit (reduction in elapsed and system time in a kernbench
> run), but most significantly, reduces overall physical CPU consumption
> by 10%, and so increases overall system scalability.

that's rather impressive and looks nice, considering the fairly low

as there were no fundamental objections in this thread i've created a
tip/x86/paravirt-spinlocks topic branch for these patches and started
testing them.

i based the topic branch on tip/xen-64bit, so you should be able to get
the latest code by doing:

git-merge tip/x86/paravirt-spinlocks

on tip/master.


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