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SubjectRe: [BUG] While changing the cpufreq governor, kernel hits a bug in workqueue.c

Nageswara R Sastry <> writes:

> Hi Johannes,
>>>> =======================================================
>>>> [ INFO: possible circular locking dependency detected ]
>>>> #2
>>>> -------------------------------------------------------
> [...]
>>> Okay, the problem is in cpufreq_conservative.c. We
>>> cancel_delayed_work_sync() while holding the mutex, but the work itself
>>> tries to grab it and there it deadlocks; lockdep caught that right.
>>> The hunk for _ondemand is correct, but the one for _conservative is
>>> obviously wrong, sorry :/
>>> I will whip something up and get back to you. Thanks a lot for
>>> testing!
>> Could you try the attached patch instead of the one above?
>> Dave, I dropped the mutex-grabbing from the conservative worker function
>> as well as I don't see a reason for it, please correct me if I'm wrong.
>> Hannes
> The script is running now for more than 6 hours successfully, I will
> continue this and let you know if there are any failures.
> * I am seeing the circular locking dependency with the above patch
> too.

Uhm. Failure or no failure? A possible dead-lock report _is_ a
failure. So, do you get one or not? And if so, could you send me the
dmesg parts?

Thanks a lot,


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