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    Subject[PATCH][RE-SEND] drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c fix small resource leak
    G'day people,

    Coverity CID: 1356 RESOURCE_LEAK

    I found a very old patch for this that was Acked but did not get applied

    There looks to be a small leak in isdn_writebuf_stub() in isdn_common.c,
    when copy_from_user() returns an un-copied data length (length != 0).
    The below patch should be a minimally invasive fix.

    Signed-off-by: Darren Jenkins <darrenrjenkins@gmailcom>
    Acked-by: Karsten Keil <>

    diff --git a/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c b/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c
    index 0f3c66d..8d8c6b7 100644
    --- a/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c
    +++ b/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c
    @@ -1977,8 +1977,10 @@ isdn_writebuf_stub(int drvidx, int chan, const u_char __user * buf, int len)
    if (!skb)
    return -ENOMEM;
    skb_reserve(skb, hl);
    - if (copy_from_user(skb_put(skb, len), buf, len))
    + if (copy_from_user(skb_put(skb, len), buf, len)) {
    + dev_kfree_skb(skb);
    return -EFAULT;
    + }
    ret = dev->drv[drvidx]->interface->writebuf_skb(drvidx, chan, 1, skb);
    if (ret <= 0)

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