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SubjectRe: git pull through http / git
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> I have made some sketches on a git-aware http protocol to deal with
>> the "idiot IT department-managed firewall" problem; however, I have
>> not had time to implement it.
> Not wanting to downplay your work, but I'd be happier if they
> would not get to have their githttp in the hope that these
> IT departments get a clue that http is not a fits-it-all solution.
> Because once the workers can't do their job because the world is
> Git-dominated, they have to turn it on. But maybe then they still don't
> get the clue...hmm
> tricky situation :)

Given that one of the companies so affected is Intel, which you'd think
would have more of a clue not just for git but for God-knows-how-many
other services...


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