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SubjectRe: [PATCH] bnx2 - use request_firmware()
Alan Cox wrote:
>> Who in the world is going to actually want request_firmware() to find
>> a firmware image other than the one which has been properly tested
>> together with the driver by the driver maintainer?
> That misses the point, intentionally I am sure. In the majority of cases
> the firmware doesn't change between releases so shipping a billion copies
> of is a pain in the butt.
>> What "use case" is there other than the desire to seperate out the
>> firmware in order to skirt the legal issues?
> Not shipping lots of copies
> Not leaving crap locked in kernel memory when it isn't needed
> Letting vendors issue firmware updates (which especially in enterprise
> space is a big issue and right now gets messy with compiled in firmware)

Do these benefits justify the removal of an actively used feature, one
more reliable than its replacement?

>> I think it is, in fact, the driver maintainer's perogative of whether
>> they want request_firmware() to be supported by their driver or not.
>> It is they who have to deal with any possible fallout.
> And their users and the distributors for whom it can cause enormous pain.

Where is this enormous pain associated with tg3's compiled-in firmware?
It's been quite convenient.


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