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SubjectRe: [bug?] tg3: Failed to load firmware "tigon/tg3_tso.bin"
Alan Cox wrote:
>>> And this is the pot calling the kettle black. You badly
>>> broke Marvell PATA support by setting the Marvell SATA devices to AHCI. I
>>> note you've still not fixed that after some months.
>> Even if we accept that at face value, which I don't (it's more a driver
>> load order issue), that is no excuse for further regressions.
> So you are allowed to break stuff without fixing it (and driver load
> order issue is not as far as I can tell the case - the AHCI stuff means
> you lose the PATA port)

It is trivial to see -- both drivers compete for the same PCI IDs,
0x6145 and 0x6121, but with different capabilities. Load pata_marvell
first, and it claims those PCI IDs first.

> How about we revert all the marvell changes - or would in truth be
> another case where the good done for most (SATA AHCI support) outweighs
> the bad for a few (PATA port problems) ?

What load order would you suggest? pata_marvell-first order preserves
the behavior that existed before the PCI IDs appeared in ahci, by
ensuring it claims PCI IDs 0x6145 and 0x6121 first.

> Sorry Jeff but you don't get to jump up and down on David without being
> reminded that your own actions are not consistent with your words.

Your sidebar here doesn't change the fact that David's current firmware
implementation takes away a tool currently in use, replacing it with
another less-reliable tool.


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