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SubjectRe: git pull through http / git

On Monday 2008-07-07 20:03, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> I don't think many care about http downloading, just because it is available
>> as such.
>> git:// and rsync:// are available though and should be usable even without
>> the http info that needs to be constantly refreshed when one wants to use
>> http....
> I thought rsync:// had the same problem (dumb transport) as http://.

I thought the opposite (read: no way to prove it).
rsync has a possibility to list a directory, whereas this is not
possible with HTTP (you always get a fancy html index page or a
Directory Listing Denied), hence it can figure out all objects that are
possibly located in the repository.

> I have made some sketches on a git-aware http protocol to deal with
> the "idiot IT department-managed firewall" problem; however, I have
> not had time to implement it.

Not wanting to downplay your work, but I'd be happier if they
would not get to have their githttp in the hope that these
IT departments get a clue that http is not a fits-it-all solution.

Because once the workers can't do their job because the world is
Git-dominated, they have to turn it on. But maybe then they still don't
get the clue...hmm
tricky situation :)

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