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SubjectRe: device/driver binding notification
On Sat, 2008-07-05 at 20:54 +0200, Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Greg, hi Kay,
> In the course of finally making the i2c subsystem comply with the Linux
> 2.6 device driver model, I am facing an issue which affects many v4l
> drivers. I'm curious if the core device driver code has something to
> offer to solve it.
> Basically, a v4l driver creates an i2c bus, instantiates i2c devices on
> that bus, and needs i2c chip drivers for these devices. In the past, i2c
> devices were always bound to a driver by the time the v4l driver knew
> they existed, so they were directly usable. But now that we follow the
> device driver model, this is no longer the case. The sequence of events
> is as follows:
> 1* v4l driver creates i2c bus.
> 2* v4l driver declares i2c devices in that bus.
> At this point, the v4l driver can't be used yet.
> 3* Later on, the drivers for these devices in question are loaded
> (typically thanks to udev), and they bind to the i2c devices.
> 4* Now the v4l driver can complete its initialization and users can make
> use of the device.
> For now, between steps 2 and 3, I made the v4l driver sleep and
> repeatedly check whether i2c_client.driver is set or not. It works but
> it's pretty ugly. I am curious if there's a way to be notified when a
> driver is finally bound to a given device? That's what I would need.

Is this what you are looking for? BUS_NOTIFY_BOUND_DRIVER:;a=commitdiff;h=116af378201ef793424cd10508ccf18b06d8a021

> This also raises another question on reference counting. Ideally, the
> i2c chip drivers shouldn't be allowed to be removed before the v4l
> driver itself is (without the i2c chip drivers, the v4l drivers cannot
> work properly.) So I would like to increase the reference count to the
> i2c chip drivers when they bind to my chips, and decrease it when I
> quit. Should I just do a try_module_get(i2c_driver.driver.owner) at a
> random time and just hope for the best? Or is there a cleaner way to
> express that kind of dependency between drivers?

Shouldn't the v4l device take a reference on the i2c device which will
prevent the i2c device to go away?


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