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SubjectLockless/Get_User_Pages_Fast causes Xorg 1.4.99.* to lock
I have tested this with 2.6.26-rc5-mm3 and with 2.6.26-rc8 w/ the
get_user_pages_fast patches from -rc5-mm3... Xorg 1.4.99.* will start
to load but hangs at a black screen. At this point, I can not switch
to another tty. When I try pressing ctrl+alt+del the kernel ooopses
and the caps lock led starts to blink. This happens using the nv,
radeon and radeonhd drivers (the nv was tested on another box
obviously). I have also tried to unselect HAVE_GET_USER_PAGES_FAST in
my kernel config but this does not help. I can not figure out where or
what the bug is. I can provide any other info you guys need to figure
this out. Let me know what I can do.


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