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Subject[PATCH 0/8] au1xmmc updates #4

The following set of patches updates the au1xmmc driver with new features
and moves code not belonging to the driver source to MIPS/Alchemy board

I also took the opportunity to clean up the drivers probe() and irq()
handlers to make it a "proper" platform device (patches #1 and #2).

Patches #3, #4 and #6 implement new features, #5 and #7 are cleanups.

The patches are intended to be applied on top of each other, against
current mainline git (2.6.23-rc5+).

Changes since V3:
- previous patches #1 and #2 are dropped since they are already upstream.
("Alchemy: export get_au1x00_speed for modules" and
"Alchemy: dbdma: add API to delete custom DDMA device")

- few additional minor fixes and patches folded into others.

- I'm taking over maintainership of the driver for as long as I have
hardware to test it on.

Changes since V2:
- address almost all Sergei Shtylyov's comments:
pb1200/db1200 mmc device registration moved back to original location,
remove the au1xmmc.h header as part of codingstyle cleanup
other nits.

- 2 more patches (#8, #9)

Changes since V1:
- fix a bug in patch #6: SDIO irq should be checked for independently
from other irq events.
- more trivial cleanups

Db1200 users, please test! I verified the poll timer works on one of
older boards, however since I don't have Db1200 and Pb1200 boards I'm
not sure whether the driver still works with both SD controllers enabled!

Manuel Lauss

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