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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] ide-pmac: media-bay support fixes

> Build error and/or your build fix would be useful here.

Sorry. Fix was a quick hack. There is a check_media_bay() followed by a
break; outside of a break-able construct in there (off memory, I'm not
in front of the dev box right now).

> Ok, I see the problem - we now need to clear dive->noprobe after
> ide_device_add() call (pmac.c) or later ide_port_scan() call (mediabay.c)
> will fail... also there was a pmif->mediabay check missing...
> Please try the new version of patch #1 (the other patches are unchanged):

Thanks. Will do ASAP tomorrow. I've been kept busy with other more
urgent things today (gotta love having meetings starting at 6AM in the
morning !)


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