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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] ide-pmac: media-bay support fixes

> I (naively?) hope that you are using ide-pmac as a base (the driver looks
> like a normal host driver now) and going to make the final API switch after
> hardware specific changes are complete (so we will be able to use git-bisect
> instead of guesswork combined with voodoo dance when dealing with potential
> regressions :-).

I intend to yes :-) Along with my WIP pata_macio of course but I don't
like leaving a driver broken and/or non bisectable, believe me.

> You may want to look at ACPI hotplug dock handling for inspiration
> (if you haven't already).

Thanks, I will. I've been busy with all sorts of other things so no, I
haven't looked yet, and it's a bit less urgent, but thanks for the

> There is no longer any hackery on IDE core code side in 2.6.26, there are
> just two nice methods: ide_port_unregister_devices() and ide_scan_port().

Sure but the fact that mediabay calls them directly makes it painful to
deal with 2 drivers, one using drivers/ide and one libata. So I want to
turn that into a notification into the low level driver so it does what
is appropriate.

> Therefore I would prefer to also update ide-pmac for new methods and just
> add what is needed (if any) to IDE core code.

Sure. I don't think I will need to change any of the core.

> [ Please keep me in loop on these mediabay changes. ]

I'll let you know when I get something done.


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