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SubjectRe: [PATCH -rt] ide: fix interrupts processing issue with preempt-able hardirqs

* Anton Vorontsov <> wrote:

> IDE interrupt handler relies on the fact that, if necessary, hardirqs
> will re-trigger on ISR exit. With fully preemtable IRQs this seems to
> be not true, since if hardirq thread is currently running, and the
> same IRQ raised again, then this IRQ will be simply lost.

actually no, that should not happen - if -rt loses an IRQ then something
broke in the threaded IRQ code. It's supposed to be a drop-in,
compatible IRQ flow with no driver changes needed.

( also, please do not Cc: mainline maintainers to RFC -rt patches, let
the -rt maintainers sort out the need for any patch propagation - once
the patches are sufficiently cooked. Thanks. )


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