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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] x86:Use cpu_khz for loops_per_jiffy calculation

* Alok Kataria <> wrote:

> > but there's another problem as well: why are generic files
> > (init/calibrate.c and include/linux/delay.h) using something that is
> > named in an x86-specific way - lpj_tsc ? (TSC is an x86 concept)
> calibrate_delay_direct was using some variables with "tsc" as the
> prefix (tsc_rate_min/max) i thought of using lpj_tsc. And also
> IMO, lpj_tsc explains how is this variable initialized. But thinking
> about it, maybe we should rename it to "lpj_timer" ?

ok. But instead of 'lpj_timer' i'd suggest to use something like
'lpj_fine' - as this really is about finegrained measurements.

I'd suggest a delta patch against tip/master that renames all those
tsc_* variables to fine_*. So tsc_rate_min would become fine_rate_min,


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