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Subject[PATCH 0/3] RT: scheduler newidle enhancements
Hi Ingo, Steven, Thomas,
The following series applies to 25.4-rt6 and is "ready for inclusion" from
my perspective. However, due to their nature I am sure we will want to get
some review feedback before being considered for acceptance.

These patches are probably suitable for consideration for
mainline/sched-devel as well, but PREEMPT_RT gains the biggest boost from
them since it tends to context switch much more frequently than mainline.

This series makes some adjustments to the way we do newidle balancing.
These tweaks were discovered while doing some related scheduler R&D that is
not quite ready for the light of day. But these patches do offer a
substantial boost (6-12%) in network performance. They may help in other
areas as well, but networking is where our focus remains currently.

I think the patch 1/3 is a good one, but it requires careful review. Patch
2/3 is based upon some work I had seen PeterZ submit, so its possible to
just pull his work (if it hasnt been already) as opposed to this patch, if
desired. Lastly, Patch 3/3 is a bit controversial so I put it last for
easier cherry picking of the first two. It does help in our testing, but it
will have to be reviewed carefully.

Comments/feedback/bugfixes more than welcome.


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