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SubjectRe: [patch 2/3] vfs: fix sys_getcwd for detached mounts
> > After the patch it will give a much saner "/skel" result.
> I'm not sure that /skel is much saner, to be honest.

Just for argument's sake: before the patch getcwd() on detached object
wasn't consistent with any definition of "absolute path". After the
patch it's at least consistent with defining it as the path from the
ultimate reachable ancestor (which does have at least some historical

> Existing
> behaviour is BS, no arguments about that, but I suspect that
> we want that to be recognizable. How about doing something
> like detached:<rest of path> instead (c.f. "pipe:[6969]" and
> its ilk)?

OK, obviously current users don't care, otherwise somebody would have
complained about this issue. So if we agree on "detached:...", I'm
fine with that.


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