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    SubjectRe: [lm-sensors] [REGRESSION, ABI] Re: LMSENSORS: 2.6.26-rc, enabling ACPI Termal Zone support costs sensors
    Rene Herman wrote:
    > On 22-06-08 16:29, Hans de Goede wrote:
    >> Rene Herman wrote:
    >>> This is an ABI breakage issue and an unfortunate one at that:
    >> No it is not, in 2.6.26rcX, the acpi thermalzones have grown a hwmon
    >> interface, that is they register a hwmon device so that "sensors" and
    > [ ... ]
    > Now what? Yes it is. works and 2.6.26-rcX with the same config
    > options and the same userspace does not.

    Know what? No it isn't. Just because some random userspace apps breaks because
    certain _assumptions_ no longer hold true, does not make something an ABI breakage.

    I agree with you that the results are still no good though.

    Know something else? I've just stopped caring about this issue, I'm not the
    author of the changes causing said breakage. I'm merely an lm_sensors (both
    userspace and kernel space) developer who was heavily involved in getting this
    fixed for lm_sensors-3.0.2, and I believe that adding yet another kconfig
    option which we then carry for years and years is _not_ a good solution. Some
    userspace utlities like udev sit very close to the kernel and sometimes an
    kernel update mandates a new udev. To me this is much the same.

    But at the end of the day, I do not feel responsible for this as I'm not the
    author of the code causing the breakage. I'm just someone who knows the ins and
    outs and tried to help, but given the treatment and thanks I've been getting
    for my help I'm stopping with helping now.



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