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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/70] tty updates proposed for 2.6.27
Hi Greg,

> > This patch series introduces the idea of a tty_port - a common structure
> > that eventually all ports will have. Some drivers are migrated to make partial
> > use of the tty port commonality and helpers but only a little.
> >
> > On the USB side the USB tty API is changed to fix a whole pile of races where
> > tty->port->tty cannot be assumed to be tty (because of hangup/reopen). The
> > USB drivers all get a spring clean and the entire pile have been dragged into
> > CodingStyle near compliance (some cases where the checkpatch whines that
> > make no sense have been ignored).
> >
> > Greg: At the end of this series there shouldn't be any white space issues
> > although some earlier patches introduce them and later ones take them away
> Ah, thanks for resending these, as they are primarily USB changes, any
> objection for me to take these through my USB tree?

for everything that Alan touches in the Bluetooth drivers, you have an
ack from me. I am happy if this goes in quickly and I only have to
re-base my tree once.



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