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SubjectRe: [RFC][Patch 2/2] markers: example of irq regular kernel markers

> > By doing so, we could leave a gcc format string check by passing the
> > format string to __mark_check_format(). We could extract the field names
> > from the prototype, so there is no need to duplicate field information
> > in the format string.
> I thought that someone complained against those format strings in
> kernel code. Thus I removed it from DEFINE_TRACE.
> even though, I think you can do that by adding below string table
> to LTTng module.
> const char *lookup_table[MAX_MARKERS][2] = {
> {"irq_entry", "%d %d"}, // or "(int irq_id, int kernel_mode)", "%d %d"
> ...
> };

if move string to out of kernel core, compiler may kill some variable.
thus, we will get incomplete tracing result.

I think your proposal is very interesting.
but I dont understand why someone dislike format strings.
Could you explain this reason?

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