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SubjectRe: 2.6.26-rc: SPARC: Sun Ultra 10 can not boot
2008/6/21 David Miller <>:
> Something is screwey here... Hmmm...
> When I added the changeset in question, it fixed a problem in that
> any backtrace of a kernel thread would loop forever at the end.
> Any stack backtrace would hang or reach a safety limit (such as
> the one imposed by lockdep).
> Please double check that you are precisely reverting this patch
> below _before_ doing these tests:
> commit a051bc5bb1ac6dc138d529077fa20cbbc6622d95

Yes, I am sure. It runs without this commit and hangs with it.
I can connect serial console, but if it is a infinite loop it will not
provide more info.

$ git log arch/sparc64/kernel/process.c
commit 99d3b2d0d3df1fa171a7ee1d2d3a92f540873b15
Author: alexb <alexb@sparky>
Date: Thu Jun 19 18:49:46 2008 +0400

Revert "sparc64: Fix kernel thread stack termination."

This reverts commit a051bc5bb1ac6dc138d529077fa20cbbc6622d95.

commit a051bc5bb1ac6dc138d529077fa20cbbc6622d95
Author: David S. Miller <>
Date: Wed May 21 18:14:28 2008 -0700

sparc64: Fix kernel thread stack termination.

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