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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] dynamic debug - core infrastructure

> This is the core patch that implements a new dynamic debug infrastructure.
> Each kernel sub-system seems to have its own way of dealing with debugging
> statements. Some of these methods include 'dprintk', 'pr_debug', 'dev_debug',
> 'DEBUGP'. There are also a myriad of ways of enabling these statements. Some
> require CONFIG_ parameters to be set, some provide /proc interfaces, while
> others require 'DEBUG' to be set in header files. Most of these methods also
> require kernel re-compiles in order to set the appropriate knobs.
> I've attempted to standardize how how the kernel deals with debugging
> statements, both from the user as well as the kernel perspective. Why aren't
> these debug statements made into printk(KERN_DEBUG), and be done with it? The
> problem here is that 'dprintk', 'pr_debug', etc. were introduced b/c they
> are often provide too verbose a level of output, could potentially adversly
> affect system performance if they were always enabled, and they clutter up the
> system logs.

Its good that someone is finallu cleaning this up. Thanks!

(cesky, pictures)

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