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SubjectRe: [PATCH] X86: reboot-notify additions
Cliff Wickman <> writes:

>> Cool. Someone who wants this kind of functionality and has code in
>> the kernel. Perhaps we can have a reasonable discussion about this.
>> The last time this came up people wanted a hook so they could support
>> their out of tree blobs in an enterprise kernel.
>> emergency_restart only happens or only should happen with explicit admin
>> request Sysreq-r. Or when a watchdog detects the system is borked.
>> By design it is not expected to call drivers. The kexec on panic
>> case is similar.
> I suppose one could trust that someone with superuser permission would
> not stop one partition of a multi-partitioned system in a cavalier manner.
> I'm inclined to think we should run the reboot_notifier_list even in those
> situations.

NACK emergency_restart is for when calling a normal reboot doesn't
work i.e. calling the reboot_notifier_list is broken.

emergency_restart is by definition a hack.

Also now that I think about it now that we have the device tree
notifications the last few users of the reboot_notifier_list should
be updated and the reboot_notifier_list should just be removed.

> But definitely on some watchdog timeout event. Some kind of mechanism
> should be invoked to communicate the stoppage.

I'm not certain why this is important if you have a hardware partition
that looks like real hardware. In that case the firmware should
easily be able to detect this because we reboot the partition.

>> As far as this being a generic problem I half agree. It seems to depend
>> on your platform if you need something like this.
>> With that said. I suggest we have a single platform specific function
>> that can be called. Possibly something like pm_power_off. It is
>> insanely important that we be able to audit all of the code on these
>> code paths, and that a random loadable driver not be able to get in
>> and mess things up.
> The panic() function has the panic_notifier_list for those cases where
> crash_kexec() does not find a crash kernel to exec.
> That leaves holes for watchdog-type events and crash_kexec().
> Can you elborate on the problem with running a non-blocking scan of
> the reboot_notifier_list in those situations?
> What do you have in mind as a platform specific function, that would
> be an improvement over the reboot_notifier_list?

In the general case it is WRONG to notify or run any function before
crash_kexec. The assumption is that the current kernel is BROKEN. So the
goal is to keep our exposure to kernel bugs to a minimum. There is currently
too _much_ code being run on the crash_kexec path.

In the crash_kexec case we can call functions on the other side of the
kexec notifier. So there is very much a hook there.

> My current (v2) proposed patch for using the reboot_notifier_list as
> this mechanism looks like this:
> (and I'm not sure if using atomic_notifier_call_chain() might be a better
> alternative to raw_notifier_call_chain())

I am willing to look at performing actions in the crash_kexec path
on a case by case basis. Which means essentially a hard coded function
call that compiles out on the hardware where it is meaningless.

As for emergency_restart. That is for those times when doing a proper
reboot doesn't work and you just want to rest the hardware.

So can we please start with what exactly you need to do on the xpc and


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