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SubjectRe: "r/o bind mounts" patch in 2.6.26-rc6 changes (breaks?) error behaviour
Dave Hansen wrote:
> ... requires a path walk ...

... which is spared only in the error path, the normal path still does the path walk anyway.

> Don't you *want* warnings when an 'rm -f' runs into a r/o filesystem? ;)

Well, not really. The "rm -f"s are in my startup scripts, supposed to delete stale lock files and lots of stuff that's usually not there unless something went wrong the last time. But most of the time, I leave the whole system mounted R/O, except some tmpfs, dead useful for kernel/hardware hacking/testing.
But now I get masses of error messages on bootup - guess I have to litter the scripts with "if [ -e ... ]; then"s or just live with it. :-|

Anyway, thanks for solving this mystery for me. :-)


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