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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Unify crashkernel reservation for 32 and 64 bit

* Bernhard Walle <> wrote:

> > famous last words :)
> >
> > can you see any functionality difference between them? If yes, that
> > should be declared.
> The only difference was the calculation of memory -- it's more
> complicated on i386 because of high memory support, so that was
> outsourced to an inline function. However, because the highmem is in
> #endif
> and CONFIG_HIGHMEM is off on x86-64, that doesn't matter. Do you see
> another issue?

i can see no issue, i was just was confused a bit by the "more or less"

I've applied your patch to tip/x86/mpparse, thanks Bernhard.

> I tested it on both x86-64 and i386, with CONFIG_KEXEC on and off (so
> that it compiles).

that's always good to know - it's useful to know the amount and scope of
testing - i've put this into the changelog.


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