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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ip2: use request_firmware()
Alan Cox wrote:
>> Extracting the firmware: good
>> Scattering a /single/ driver across multiple directories in the kernel
>> tree: bad
> I'd equally argue that putting all the firmware in one place is more
> logical than smearing it around the tree.

Logical for whom? Drivers have always been self-contained... until now.

This separation certainly does not make things _easier_ for users, our
reason for existence. This separation certainly does not make it easier
to drop in a driver with a firmware, i.e. not easier on driver
developers. It is one more PITA detail when copying a driver from one
kernel to another, or shipping the driver out of tree.

There are good reasons why the Makefile rules, Kconfig rules, C source
code and headers for a driver all live together... moving the firmware
elsewhere is strangely, given that a driver simply /does not work/
without the firmware.

I like the goal, but see little effort in the area of "make this
transition painless for users."


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