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SubjectRe: Regression: boot failure on AMD Elan TS-5500
Sean Young wrote:
> The thinking was that syslinux sets the boot parameters which are being read
> in head_32.S. I've used syslinux 3.53 but have just moved to 3.63.
> That was the theory at least. I'm not sure what's going on now. I'll spend
> some more time on this.

Most of the boot parameters actually come from the real-mode boot code
(arch/x86/boot). A few of them come from the bootloader.

With a version of Syslinux that recent there shouldn't be any issues,
especially since Syslinux is, for somewhat obvious reasons, my reference
bootloader. You may want to experiment with using the optional
linux.c32 module just to see if it changes the behaviour:

boot: linux.c32 kernel options...

Or, in the configuration file:

label blah
kernel linux.c32
append kernel options...


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