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SubjectRe: [Bug 10843] Display artifacts on XOrg logout with PAT kernel and VESA framebuffer
On Monday 16 June 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> I do see some differences in Xorg logs, so it does seem that the mtrr
> options _are_ being recognized.
> Attached my "normal" Xorg log (with 'vga=791') which I used as the base
> for the diffs below. Other than shown, the logs are identical.
> With mtrr:1 I get (added at the end of the log):
> @@ -688,3 +688,11 @@
> (II) evaluating device (Generic Keyboard)
> (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Generic Keyboard" (type:
> (II) Configured Mouse: ps2EnableDataReporting: succeeded
> +(II) intel(0): xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 0
> +(II) intel(0): xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 1
> +(II) intel(0): xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 2
> +(II) intel(0): xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 3
> +(II) intel(0): xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 4
> +(II) intel(0): [drm] removed 1 reserved context for kernel
> +(II) intel(0): [drm] unmapping 8192 bytes of SAREA 0x2efff000 at
> 0x7f2788ab9000
> +(II) intel(0): [drm] Closed DRM master.

Oops. Just realized that this is completely bogus. I used the .old log for
this one while I used logs for still running Xorg sessions for the
others. So this was actually the only one that contains Xorg shutdown
messages at all.

> And with mtrr:3 (added in the middle):
> @@ -577,6 +577,7 @@
> (II) intel(0): [drm] Initialized kernel agp heap manager, 33554432
> (II) intel(0): [dri] visual configs initialized
> (II) intel(0): Page Flipping disabled
> +(==) intel(0): Removed MMIO write-combining range
> (0x80000000,0x400000)
> (==) intel(0): Write-combining range (0x80000000,0x10000000)
> (II) intel(0): vgaHWGetIOBase: hwp->IOBase is 0x03d0, hwp->PIOOffset
> is 0x0000
> (II) EXA(0): Offscreen pixmap area of 39321600 bytes

This is still valid though.

Sorry for the confusion.

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