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SubjectRe: [xfs-masters] Re: XFS internal error xfs_trans_cancel at line 1163 of file fs/xfs/xfs_trans.c
On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 09:24:05AM +0200, Konstantin Kletschke wrote:
> Am 2008-06-13 13:08 +1000 schrieb Dave Chinner:
> > This commit in 2.6.26 will probably fix it.
> >
> >;a=commit;h=75de2a91c98a6f486f261c1367fe59f5583e15a3
> Well, the description points out solving issues regarding dealing with
> ENOSPC shutting the fs not down when it is not really necessary. Does
> this count here, where my fs is
> /dev/sda7 120G 12G 108G 10% /home
> with inode usage of
> /dev/sda7 125001728 1310022 123691706 2% /home

Perhaps you've fragmented free space, which can lead to this
problem. Inodes require contiguous free space to be allocated.

Please search the mail list archive for this error to find more
about triaging the cause (i.e. the thread that led up to finding
the above problem).


Dave Chinner

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