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SubjectRe: [PATCH BUGFIX -rc4] Smack: Respect 'unlabeled' netlabel mode
Sorry I'm late to the party ...

On Friday 30 May 2008 8:58:26 pm Ahmed S. Darwish wrote:
> There are two possible solutions in my mind:
> - Using a predefined netlabel domain to denote to unlabeled packets.
> Defect: May collide with a user chosen label and used to break
> security. Solution: Use a domain name that can't become a label
> (Hackery ?)

From my understanding of Smack that is what the ambient label does
currently. Does this not work correctly for you?

> - I've tried first to use what was done before the 'Smack: unlabeled
> outgoing ambient packets' patch, which honored nltype=unlabeled, but
> ignored netlabel completely:
> i.e.
> int rc = 0;
> if (secattr.flags != NETLBL_SECATTR_NONE)
> rc = netlbl_sock_setattr(sk, &secattr);
> return rc
> Paul, would this be right from a netlabel perspective ?

Well, what are you trying to do (it isn't clear to me from the code
snippet above)? The netlbl_sock_setattr() function looks at the
secattr->domain field and uses the value their to lookup the desired
labeling protocol (currently either CIPSO or unlabeled) and then the
NetLabel subsystem passes the socket and the secattr information onto
the specific protocol handler where the secattr->attr information is
used to assign on-the-wire labels to the socket.

paul moore
linux @ hp

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