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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kaweth: use request_firmware()
Hi Alan,

>> we tried to not put that policy into the drivers and I was looking
>> over this, but in the meantime driver slipped past me and made it in.
>> We should not do this at all and if people wanna have this, then they
>> should solve this within udev.
> Then you arrived at the party a year too late. The format name/
> firmware
> is commonly used all over the kernel. How that maps to a file or
> directory is indeed a matter for udev, but there is already a
> heirarchical namespace and pretending otherwise won't help.

I was not late to the party. I was the first one using
request_firmware() and always keeping an eye on drivers using it and
making sure using it correctly. However drivers sneaked in without
that I realized it. Mainly because I don't have that hardware and
reviewing every single driver obviously never happened.

I repeatedly said that no hierarchical namespace should be used (and
this was a couple of years ago) and now since some developers misuse
it, it makes it right. Don't think so.



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