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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] 64-bit futexes: Intro
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Linus Torvalds wrote:
> We've had a 32-bit rwsemaphore in the kernel for a *long* time.

You misread what I wrote.

Semaphores are fine. The problem are reader/writer locks where we need
three counters and some flags. It is absolutely not acceptable to limit
the number of threads to 512 to make this fit.

> I think it's totally stupid for glibc to even *try* to do something like
> this, since almost nobody will have a kernel with 64-bit futex support for
> a long time in the wild anyway. So you need to support a 32-bit semaphore
> in practice, and it's been done before.

Again, misread. This is not functionality which is not available.
Semaphores are *of course* fine with 32 bits. And there is a
reader/writer lock implementation. It is just very slow compared to
what is possible. The transition between systems miss the 64-bit
support and those which have it is completely transparent. The same
glibc binary will work for both.

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