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    SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 1/2] cpusets: restructure the function update_cpumask() and update_nodemask()
    > I have never seen or heard of a document using the "/**" kernel-doc
    > entries of kernel/cpuset.c, and I have no idea who actually has (in
    > the past or present, not just hypothetically) read such or why.

    People wanting to generate things like function lists.

    > being a stubborn retard, I continue to prefer that file static routines
    > in kernel/cpuset.c not have "/**" kernel-doc markers on their comments,
    > and I would still welcome a patch from Miao removing the ones already
    > there.

    And I'll join that by stubbonly NAKing such an approach. We want
    consistent clear formats for documentation extraction. Simply getting
    people to use the kerneldoc format materially improves the documentation
    quality, so please don't set bad examples ;)


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