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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] Scalability requirements for sysv ipc - v3
> Well, looks like the description was not clear, sorry for that!
> 1st column: 2.6.25-rc3-mm1 with original ipc implementation
> (i.e. ipcs stored in an array)
> 2nd column: 2.6.25-rc3-mm1, with ipcs stored in an idr tree
> actually, that's when the performance regression
> had been introduced.
> 3rd column: 2.6.25-mm1, still with the same implementation
> i.e. still with degraded performances.
> 4th column: 2.6.25-mm1 + rcu-based implementation of the idr,
> which is the current patch series.
> Hope this makes things more clear.

Oh, I see that your patchset has very nice performance result :)

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