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SubjectRe: [ANN] WiMAX stack and drivers for Intel WiMAX Link 5050
Hi Stephen,

> This is the short (not in depth) code review of kernel component of
> Wimax.

many thanks for having a look at the source code.

> Generic stack: drivers/net/wimax


> 5. Stack is using generic netlink instead use newer netlink interface
> for management of devices: newlink/dellink instead see macvlan

I might have missed something in the latest code, but how it is using
generic netlink for device management. The current code is using
generic netlink for communication with the user space component. This
includes task like scanning and association. The current kernel/user
space API might need improvement, but I am not getting your point
here. Please explain what you mean.

> i2400m hardware driver


> 9. Anyway to reuse existing usbnet infrastructure?

I don't think so. WiMAX is not emulating an Ethernet device. It is an
IP only networking interface.

> 10. Since device is USB, Rx is in workqueue, so no need to go through
> netif_rx() softirq, should be able to go through netif_receive_skb

You could have SDIO or PCI as a different transport.

> 12. Since this is new code elminate all legacy ifdef's

Don't worry. We will do this before submitting it for mainline
inclusion. It is a temporary solutions to help people that wanna test
it with older kernels.



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